Real Kids

As the punk scene was making itself known in Boston in the mid-1970s, the Real Kids, who got together a few years earlier, were making the crowds crazy, putting on incredible shows. The band was led by guitarist and singer John Felice, who was earlier a co-founder of The Modern Lovers. Everyone knew the song “All Kindsa Girls,” but it was likely a challenge to keep track of the revolving members in the band, who changed often since the original lineup of Felice, Billy Borgioli, the late Alpo Paulino, and Howie Ferguson. But every version played solid, straight-ahead rock, although some bad luck and probably a bit too much partying kept them from hitting it big, as they deserved. The band’s evolution was captured in the Cheryl Eagan-Donovan’s 2003 documentary, All Kindsa Girls. Felice later roadied for the Ramones, fronted the Taxi Boys and re-formed a short-lived version of the Kids, circa 1982. Borgioli later joined ’80s college rockers Classic Ruins and (with Paulino) Primitive Souls.
(by Ed Symkus and Stephen Haag)

Published on December 28, 2012