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Dick Summer

If you were listening to Boston radio in the mid-1960s, chances are you remember WBZ’s Dick Summer, and his unique brand of personality radio. Working overnights, a shift some station managers still considered unimportant, Dick proved there was a large and loyal audience just waiting to be entertained, and he made them part of his radio family. Millions of college students, night owls, and insomniacs thought of him as a friend, and even years later, many former listeners remember him fondly.    Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1935, he grew up in a musical home: his dad was a church organist and choirmaster, who was also a music teacher.  Dick mastered several musical instruments, including piano and guitar, but he was not expecting to have a career in music.  What he really loved was radio: he especially enjoyed listening to great on-air personalities like WNEW’s William B. Williams. But while…

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