Dick Curless

A unique character in the musical history of New England, Dick Curless was a Maine native who became a country star and was best known for his truck-driving tunes. A tall man with an eye patch, Curless first hit the country charts in 1965 with the Top Five hit “A Tombstone Every Mile.” Over the years, Curless recorded a series of country hits, including “Six Times a Day (the Trains Came Down,” “Big Wheel Cannonball,” and “Hard, Hard Traveling Man.” He charted 22 times in his career and for a spell in the 60’s he was also a part of “The Buck Owens Show.” In the early ’90s he’d become a regular on the Branson, Missouri, theater circuit. He died in 1995.
(by Dean Johnson)

Published on December 28, 2012

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