Dinosaur Jr.

Three high school pals in Western Massachusetts -– drummer Emmett (Murph) Murphy, bassist Lou Barlow, and singer-guitarist J Mascis — started playing together in the mid-1980s, churning out the hardcore punkish music with Neil Young-style guitar solos and Mascis’ distinctive nasal vocals that would form the foundation of Dinosaur Jr. Three albums — including 1987’s essential You’re Living All Over Meand ’88’s Bug — and a lot of touring came out of that union, followed by arguments, a breakup and another few albums with only Mascis from the original group. Like another Bay State band, the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. had an influence on alt-rock far greater than its actual disc sales would indicate, and deservedly earned a chapter in Michael Azerrad’s influential indie rock history book, Our Band Could Be Your Life. Remarkably, the trio rebuilt their burnt bridges in the mid-aughts, and have gone on to release two of the strongest albums in their career, 2007’s Beyond and 2009’s Farm.
(by Ed Symkus and Stephen Haag)

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