Carly Simon

The pop chanteuse and longtime Bay State resident who was once married to James Taylor has carved out a faithful following for her smart pop and soft-rock tunes that date back to the early ’70s, even though a serious case of stage fright has kept her from doing much touring over the years. She first attracted national prominence with her 1971 debut album and its hit single “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be.” Plenty of other hits followed in the ’70s, including “You’re So Vain” (with Mick Jagger on back-up vocals — and no, the tune doesn’t refer to David Geffen), “The Right Thing to Do,” and the James Bond theme “Nobody Does It Better.” Simon continues to record and her recent efforts include tunes from the classic American songbook (2007’s Into White), and a Brazilian-tinged record (2008’s This Kind of Love). Until a broken foot sidelined her, she was touring with Lilith Fair 2010.
(by Dean Johnson)

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