The Cambridge-based 10-piece jazz ensemble was founded by saxophonist-composer Russ Gershon in 1985, and has since toured the world, running the gamut in style from a combination of big band and pop sensibilities to experimentations in Ethiopian-Latin jazz, and covering everyone from Miles Davis to Robert Fripp to Bob Dylan. As a student at Harvard in the 1970s, Gershon played in the rock band the Decoders and the pop-punk band the Sex Execs before falling under the spell of the Illinois Jacquet-led Harvard student big band. Soon after, Gershon began studies at Berklee College of Music, and the Either/Orchestra was born, playing their first show at the Cambridge Public Library in December, 1985. Two years later, Gershon founded Accurate Records in order to get the band down on tape. Group members have changed over the years (including Medeski Martin and Wood co-founder John Medeski and a collaboration with Morphine‘s Mark Sandman), with the band eventually releasing 10 albums. Their 25th anniversary concert was at the Regent Theatre in Arlington in December, 2010.
(by Ed Symkus)

Published on December 28, 2012

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