Eden’s Children

Psychedelic rock was enjoying some big time popularity when the Boston-based power trio Eden’s Children hit the scene in 1967, with Richard “Sham” Schamach on guitar and vocals, Jimmy Sturman on drums, and left-handed Larry Kiely playing right-handed bass and singing. With a little good luck timing helping them out, the band hit their stride shortly after the marketing debacle known as the “Bosstown Sound,” and their two ABC albums – Eden’s Children and Sure Looks Real – were released in 1968, both under the creative control of legendary jazz producer Bob Thiele (with Jonathan Whitcup on Sure Looks Real). In fact, the second release, while still gritty rock, had more of a jazzy influence than the first. Shortly after that album, Kiely left the band and was replaced by Russell “Rusty” Marcus, but they broke up later in 1969. A compilation CD of both albums, titled Two Originals, was released in 2006.
(by Ed Symkus)

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