Aengus Studios

Aengus Studios

Aengus Enterprises: Was a recording studio, Equipment design & manufacturer, distributor and production company established by Jon Cole (of the Woodstock band Quill) and William (Bill) Riseman Jr. in the early 1970’s.

Early productions included albums for Quill and Andy Pratt recorded at the Amphion rehearsal space in Boston.  Later to move to a house in Winchester & setup a 16 track studio and a recording console and design business which was quickly outgrown.  In 1971 a House with an attached barn was purchased in the Fayville section of Southborough, MA where a new studio was built and a building leased to house what would become Aengus Engineering which designed and built custom recording consoles

The Studio had success with Andy Pratt’s 1973 self-titled album (which included the single “Avenging Annie”) for Columbia records.  Other clients included, Ric Ocasek & Ben Orr, later of The Cars, Rounder Records, AerosmithBilly Squier, and Seatrain among others, including WGBH TV’s “Zoom” series.

Several Aengus Consoles were built and sold to studios throughout New England.  The large format console built for the Indigo Ranch in Malibu, California, was the crowning jewel for the engineering company as well as the innovative & modular 500 series 404 graphic equalizer.

Aengus Engineering also leased recording equipment to George Martin, Tom Rush, and James Taylor, built a mobile recording truck for an Emerson, Lake and Palmer tour of Europe in 1973, and sadly ran into financial difficulties and closed the doors in 1975.

(by Jesse Henderson, with additional material provided by Jon Cole)

Published On: October 5, 2016