Playing the Surf, 1966

In 1966 I was a member of a band called The Strobes. We were (of course) the greatest band to ever play the Boston Scene!  NOT!  But, there was a day, a hellish hot night in the Summer of 66’ that we played The Surf.  Man we thought we had finally made the grade by getting invited to play at The Surf!  We opened for an up and coming group of long-haired Englishmen called The Yardbirds – with Jimmy Page on guitar.  We took the stage and performed our best tunes and the crowd seemed to like us for sure, but when we finished up our set, The Yardbirds exploded on stage with “Shape of Things” and completely blew the minds of audience, and all the musicians that were hanging at The Surf!  What a night!  I just could not believe that three guys would create such an awesome powerful sound!  I finally gave up my aspirations of being a guitar slinger because of guys like Eric Clapton, SRV and of course Jimmy P. because I just knew I was never ever going to achieve their level of skill.  But being addicted to music, I switched to the bass guitar and never looked back. That night, I was so inspired by Jimmy and his crew, that music has never left my life and to this day, of 63 years now, I still perform Classic Rock & Roll with a band of brothers called Code Blue out of Hot Springs, AR.  Just like we did back then, we still try to give our audiences something to smile about.

Published on February 20, 2013